Sweet Caroline

 It was not so long ago in a town in a western county
where the four strong winds would blow from the sea up to the mountains.
There we used to walk on the beach watching ships sailing by.

We saw the pride in the captain´s eye
every time he came back home.
One day I jumped on his ship.
Well, baby, then me was gone.

Oh oh, sweet Caroline,
 you´ll never earn more than a fiver and a dime.
Your mother, she´s an angel serving out in the streets,
and your pa´s a passing stranger. I´d not like to meet him every single
day-ay-ay-hi-ha day-ay-ay-hi-hay-hi.

So it´s nice to meet you again and you see I´ve really come a long way.
Do you still like to dance in the rain? Do you still know the light of the day?
Are there still young Irishmen drowning in the Western Sea?

Is there still pride in the captain´s eye
every time he comes back home?
O captain, my captain,
on your last trip you will sail alone!

Oh oh, sweet Caroline...

I guess it´s only the pride in the captain´s eye
helping him to find his way back home.
O captain, my captain,
didn´t you listen when they did you tell
that every drowned sailor finally has to go to hell?

Oh oh, sweet Caroline...

© 2008 Sheesong Publishing