The Amsterdam Decay

Es war eine denkwürdige Nacht. Ein Feuerwerk erhellte das größte Begräbnis, das diese scharlachroten Augen je gesehen hatten. Sie trugen deinen Sarg die Keizersgraacht entlang wie Statisten in einem alten Festspiel, und ich wusste – ich würde dich vermissen…

The rotten scent of summer lingers in the air
turning night time into day
and all the coffee shops do offer joints for free
 knowing you would have liked it that way.
This city´s sinking slowly day by day,
like Atlantis going down...

Last time I saw you you were looking really bad –
your hollow eyes, your yellow face - 
and with a hoarse voice you spoke your famous words.
You said, “This is the only place.”
The only place you can forget about your kicks.
The only place you can live your way.

It´s the Amsterdam decay, so beautiful, so beautiful,
makes me wanna stay and never turn my eyes away
from the people and the houses and the bustle in the streets all day.
It´s the Amsterdam decay.

And still the fireworks are lightning up the night
and your weak soul became a prey

of the Amsterdam decay…

© 2008 Sheesong Publishing