Dock 22

I look into the distance, look into the sky
I heard nothing from you since days passed by
I´m working alone, my friends are at home
Together with their wives, „dinner is done“

I´m waiting for you here at dock 22
On the twenty-first day in my twenty-third pair of shoes
I´m waiting for you here at dock 22
All my love is only for you

Once we had to talk why you had to leave
You found a job on a ship on the sea
We both know that we need the money
To fulfill our dreams and become a small family


All my love is only for you

Here she comes, here she comes,
I´m so happy now that I hold you in my arms

Nananana       nananana

Now that you´re back again I can´t explain
How happy I am to see you again
We both had tears in our eyes
When we lied together in our bed

And when I started to make love to you
Suddenly you cried so fearfully
And I saw the wounds on your body
And blood ran out underneath your belly

What did they do to you, what did they do
While I was working on dock 22
Now I can´t explain how angry I am
I just know I will cause them endless pain

Nananana       nananana

© 2015 Sheesong Publishing