We came here with our college degrees
Or from the finest universities
We knew we would get the job.
They wouldn´t find someone better.
Extremely endurance trained
Decisive brilliant, flexibility sustained,
Always one step in front.
We never looked behind
On brokerline.

Here´s the right men at the right place
You may never notice our face
We´re no headline men, but we´re
Explorers in the further regions of profit
We were skilled to sharpen our nose
To find out which direction the wind blows
And changed the train right on time
To brokerline
To brokerline

They didn´t know what a fax was for
They didn´t think to lock their doors
We often thought to ourselves, "Can it be that easy?"
He said, "Overlook that deal I´ve got no time for!"
´Twas a blank sheet with his signature
Then I knew by myself it was that easy

They never asked no questions our doubts
In conference rooms they´ve locked the world out
While their money increased
´Cause I´ve cracked all codes late night
Now you know where your money went
It passed faithfully through my own hands
When the departure lights did shine
On brokerline
On brokerline


We are proud of our college degrees
Or masters from the universities
We knew how profits are earned
But no one told us what to do with them
To feed the hungry just ain´t my job,
To save the climate just ain´t my job,
To think I would do such things
- Say, are you serious???

I´m handcuffed now, that ain´t a fair deal
It wasn´t me who invented the wheel
Just because I´ve made the score
I´m not the only one to blame
You won´t stop the whole game
When we complain you will comfort us
When we lose money you will support us
Last station´s long left behind
On brokerline
On brokerline
On brokerline


© 2015 Sheesong Publishing