The Legend Of Springwater

Wind and rain and wind and rain and wind and rain and wind and rain...   (3x)

When I was young I roamed the land playing guitar for pints and dimes.
One evening by the fireside a stranger came and joined my company.
He sang so bright. He sang so sweet. He sang like from another world.
Said I, “Where did you learn those songs?” Said he, “I learned them from SPRINGWATER
- Right! They´re coming from SPRINGWATER!”

So where are you? Fol de toora loo!
Riding, flying, sailing?
Cry and shout - there is no way out!
And who shall hear you wailing?
Yeah, who shall hear you wailing?

We roamed together for a while and he taught me all he knew.
But, strange, I never saw him smile even when the crowd was cheering.
The night was cold. The winds did blow. He said, “My friend, now we must part.
I´ve got to pay back what I owe - and my soul I owe to SPRINGWATER -
I´ve got to go now to SPRINGWATER!”


Wind and rain...

So I sing those wondrous songs but I know where my story ends.
One day they´ll call out for my soul - then I´ll have to go to SPRINGWATER -
That day I will see SPRINGWATER!”



Text: Joachim Rader
Musik & Arrangement: Johannes Ruß / Joachim Rader

© 2007 Sheesong Publishing