Pastures Green

Well, I woke up one fine morning listening to my own song
And I lay back, started to think and found out something´s going wrong.
So I took and threw them stones against policemen and the law
Though it was just peace and love that I was fighting for...

On my way - I am going
Black, white and grey - I am going
No time to stay - I am going
To pastures green.

Then I stopped and turned around thinking I´d heard a call
Of Jesus, Mohammed and Buddha. So I tried to follow them all.
I was lost in the world of spirits when the blood rushed back in my veins
And I fell down from Valhalla and landed on my feet again.

A new direction - I am going
A new connection - I am going
There´s a reflection - and I´m going
To pastures green.

Well, she smiled and took my hand and we sat down by the shore
And she held me and gave me strength like no one else did before.
So we put our dreams together and worked out a life-long plan.
But I found out in the long run she was just another friend...

Alone again - I am going
´Tween rocks and sands - I am going
But in the end I´ll be going
To pastures green.

And the sun shone down on Santiago and on all the ships in the bay
And a million stars of the South helped me to find my way.
All the people I´ve met and all the places I have seen
I won´t regret and they won´t forget that I have been -

So on and on I am going
To my own song I am going
I see he shephered and I´m going
To pastures green.

Now a fair wind is blowing
The light of hope is glowing
So many things I won´t be knowing
But I´m finally free
Finally - I´m finally free...
Finally - yes, I´m finally free...

Text: Joachim Rader
Musik & Arrangement: Johannes Ruß / Joachim Rader

© 2007 Sheesong Publishing