Black Friday

Drove home from work on this beautiful day,
I was driving too fast - I had a certain delay...
I couldn´t stop though I tried to, I hit the kid though it cried, too.
The policeman said there was nothing I could do.
That little bastard just jumped into my way
And I heard a song on the radio incidentially say,

 “Thank you, Carl! for money and work,
Thank you, Carl! for this black friday,
Thank you, Carl! for everything - crash!
Thank you, Carl! for this black friday afternoon!”

Got home and found her note on the floor.
It said, “Kiss you, arsehole! I´m going back to my ma!
But I leave you behind our favourite cat!”
Well, that´s fine! So I took the brat,
Put her into the oven, turned it on,
Doused the house, lit the fuse, got my gun
And I sang happily on my way while all went BANG!,


Later I went into my favourite pub,
Waved my gun around and said, “Ha ha it´s me - hands up!”
Well, they tried to flee, but I got one by one.
The police arrived and said, “Put down the gun!”
But I stepped outside and I got three or four
Before they hit me and I fell on the floor.
Then I heard that song again as a moral - ore something more???


I saw Carl drinking cocktails in Ammerndorf
I saw Carl on this black friday
I saw Carl saying, “Welcome to Feiertags!
Every day here is a black Friday afternoon!”


Text: Joachim Rader
Musik & Arrangement: Johannes Ruß / Joachim Rader

© 2007 Sheesong Publishing