Another Heart

I stand on the graveyard thinking of you.
All of my memories my mind´s passing through.
You were so warm hearted, weren´t you ?
Everyone liked you, I swear  this is true!

You were looking fine when you were young.
You´ve chosen the man that you´ve wanted.
You didn´t expect that he´d be so cruel,
not just to you but to all others, too.

We often met at celebrations.
You waved with your hands when I walked to the station.
I ate your meal as if I was your son.
You gave me some money when I had none.

I hope we could give you some of your love back.
 I hope your last years were not bad.
And if there´s a Heaven I´m sure you will be there
and you´ll get the life you should have been given on earth.

- To Hella (1918-2007)

© 2008 Sheesong Publishing