You´ve been hurt very, very badly
by the greatest love you´ve ever had.
But if you just remember the times that were before
 you lay your heart down on that unknown shore –

for there´s a light shining all alone.
And there´s a place you once called “Home”,
where no bad memories hurt you or throw you back to pain.
This is the time where life can start again...

There´s a place, Shelly, from our good ole days, Shelly.
You ain´t been here since the night you went away.
Let´s check in, Shelly. We can only win, Shelly.
Let all the shadows play and face them with a grin.

You know, it never ends. It always just starts.
You know it never ends for those who are young at heart.

Drink some wine, Shelly. Let´s have a good time, Shelly!
They can´t sack you longer now you´ve paid with all your jacks.
Come, let´s dance, Shelly! Start a new romance, Shelly!
Look at all those blue eyed boys just waiting for their chance!

You know it never ends, it just always starts.
You know it never ends for those who are young at heart!

You´re my friend, Shelly. Everything will mend, Shelly.
We can take the whole world twice in a single day!

Say, what´s luck, Shelly? Just a drunken fuck, Shelly!
You can´t remember it as soon as it´s gone away!
Let´s take a trip, Shelly! Take this piece of shit, Shelly!
It is the best stuff I have smoked in twenty years!

La la la la la...

© 2008 Sheesong Publishing