The Party

Prince Prospero had sent a call to the mighty of the world
To meet him and discuss some serious questions
America´s weird policy caused implacable hate
The Old World´s pride has lead into regression
While in the South and in the East new battlefields arose

The Prince he made the same mistake he did once long ago
In his palace with the multi-coloured chambers
When the leaders of our time assembled in his splendid place
Its lofty walls kept out sights unpleasant
For women cry and children weep and people starve not far away
We were just the band engaged to play a merry tune
When the prince announced the specials of the evening
After dinner there should be a dance and masquerade
While outside his walls the massacres continued
So finally we went backstage to get ready for the show

Accidentally from the wall I drew a curtain

And it´s oh my oh, go my Johnny go
Oh my oh, go my Johnny go
Oh my oh, go my Johnny go
The Prince is gonna have a party.

Why did I have to touch the sign that was engraved in the wall?
It removed and exposed a secret passage
Why did I have to walk the stairs down to an endless vault
Where an ancient book lay open on an altar
Bound of human skin, blood-written, bearing fatal doom?

Then in a language long forgotten I began to read
The words must have slept in my spirit for eons
Right then something moved the air and the candles all went out
And I knew I´d better join again the living
And quickly as I could I made my way out of the dark

Upstairs the Prince he shivered, then he shook his head
And said to his guests, "Something has gone wrong here.
I´m sorry but I must insist that now you better leave,
I can´t guarantee for your safety any longer."
A bleak moment of silence fell, a great commotion rose

And the party came to an abrupt ending.


I still don´t know what I evoked on that faithful night
Nothing has changed much since we departed
America and Europe try to overcome their agony
While the outcasts and the hungry siege their borders
While in the South and in the East new battlefields do open every week

But I can feel a shiver every time when the twilight turns to night
Then Orion should guard the sky of winter
But far from cold cosmic heights an icy wind howls in

And the northern stars do blacken.

Where the giants of foreign spheres do blow
They dwell in caves of ice and in the freezing snow
And look from arctic heights down on us below

Homes and families are razed where fathers fight and fathers die
And all the innocence that lies in a suffering children´s eye
Is wiped out in that very moment and again it will never ask you WHY
The prince is gonna have a party.
The prince is gonna have a party...

© 2015 Sheesong Publishing